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Faithfully Yours: THANK GOD, I have 9Lives!

THANK GOD for being a cat lover!  I have 9Lives! 😺...being Anemic, a heart and cancer patient, had 4 eye surgeries and the latest being jabbed and severely bruised by the Pacquiao like dentist...I am now today feeling better again. 🤗

"She may be quiet, but she's a warrior and her prayers can move mountains"...


Months after  my cancer journey begun, my life’s new normal is every 3 to 4 months appointment with my oncologist

All is well right now, blood work levels, tumor theory, but still kind of terrifying. If anything, my heart can’t help skip a beat even more every appointment with just the thought of having a recurrence.

We all live in borrowed time...I just keep on praying and hoping that my due date isn’t shortened by being touched by the "c" word.

But, I take comfort in knowing that GOD, St. Peregrine and the heavens are always with me through every life’s battles I fought and won!

"Thank You GOD for victory over every mountain"!...

so...just let Life happen as the journey continues...

  St. Peregrine Shrine  at Serra Chapel - Mission San Juan Capistrano -  May 3, 2018

St. Peregrine Shrine at Serra Chapel - Mission San Juan Capistrano - May 3, 2018

Oldies but Goodies: NAAALALA KA by MARK CARPIO

My weekly Iron Infusion sessions are completely done and the side effects seem to be dissipating as well.  I’m not feeling that much headachy and nauseous anymore.

Next on my buffet of medical appointments is my eye Iridotomy and I’m trying to prep myself and relax by sound tripping to YouTube videos when I stumbled upon a song that I remember singing along with my eldest brother during my childhood days.  The song title is “Naaalala ka” by Rey Valera...but the singer on this video is named Mark Carpio.

I clicked play and found myself replaying the video over and over again.  Mark's rendition of the song is so soothing and wonderful.  I am now a fan. ;)