Please DO NOT BUY Bunnies and Chickies for Easter...

...worth re-sharing - Original Source:  Sandstone Animal Hospital 

Bunnies and chickies may seem like the perfect addition to your child’s Easter photoshoot, but any single one of these reasons should have you thinking twice before bringing an animal into your home as an Easter prop.

Photos courtesy of the    House Rabbit Society

Photos courtesy of the House Rabbit Society

A new bunny or small chick are 10 year commitments: These animals have 10 year life-spans, with some living even longer. If you are not prepared to commit the time and care needed for these animals for 10 whole years, do not buy one this Easter.

  1. Rabbits can get quite large and chicks do not stay yellow and fluffy as chickens: That’s right, these animals will grow up and not be cute little babies any more.

  2. Both Rabbits and chickens require veterinary care: Vaccines, physical exams, an annual testings are needed to keep these animals healthy and can come at a high monetary cost.

  3. Most veterinarians do not treat rabbits or avian patients: You better do your research to see if any of your local veterinarians have the training and expertise to treat these animals!

  4. Bunnies and chicks are fragile: You or your children may mishandle them, resulting in their death. Nothing ruins Easter like a child upset because the bunny won’t wake up after being dropped.

  5. Both of these animals need proper enclosures: These animals cannot be confined to a small cage. Rabbits need to run and burrow while chickens need to be able to roam and stretch their wings. Proper enclosures are expensive and must be cleaned daily.

  6. Rabbits and chickens have specific dietary needs: And their dietary needs may differ from one rabbit to the next, or one chicken to the next. Without proper feed that provides the nutrients they need, these animals are sure to fall ill.

  7. Rabbits have teeth and claws. Chicks have sharp beaks. They may injure you or your children: That’s right. These cute little critters may bite, scratch, or peck at your child should they feel threatened or in pain.

  8. They can be health hazards to humans (especially chicks): Unvaccinated animals are capable of transmitting diseases to you or your kids. Chicks in particular are often a common vector for Salmonella.

  9. Buying animals for a holiday is supporting potential animal cruelty and teaches children that animals are to be bought like toys rather than adopted like living beings.

Please remember that there are other opportunities for your family to meet and learn about rabbits and chickens and that the following behaviors are unacceptable:

  • Dying chicks pastel colors to entertain your children

  • Abandoning these animals in the wild (they will likely starve, die from the weather, or be eaten by a predator!)

  • Forcing rabbits or chicks into unsafe or uncomfortable positions for the sake of getting a cute picture of your child

Animal shelters across the country see a rapid spike in the intake of rabbits (and some experience this with chicks as well) in the weeks following Easter.  Don’t contribute to that statistic and let’s respect these animals on Easter Sunday!


Go RED for Women: National WEAR RED DAY on February 1st, 2019

Learn more at:

Learn more at:

On National Wear Red Day Americans nationwide will wear red to show support for women’s heart disease awareness. The Heart Truth is: “Heart Disease Doesn’t Care What  You Wear— It’s the #1 Killer of Women, causing one in every 2.6 female deaths.”

Join the national awareness movement by wearing or posting  RED on on your Blog February 1st and encourage your family, friends, and coworkers to do the same.

For more information on The Heart Truth campaign, Wear Red Day, or to get a personal heart-health assessment, visit: .

Their interactive health tool will help evaluate your risk factors, identify risk factors you can change and provide a personalized action plan you can print and take with you to your doctor’s office.

Will you help support the heart healthy women in your life by wearing or posting  RED on your blog February 1st?  I will...

BIRTHDAY 2018: All I want for My BIRTHDAY is...

Now that our Thanksgiving celebration is over, it is that time of the year again when you and I get asked what do we want for Christmas? Me, also being a December baby (now a December oldie haha!) - I get asked twice for my wishlist. to answer this, and cliches as it my sound...always goes like...

The gift of life of still being able to live it!

A Meowy, Rudolph, Merry Christmas Birthday 2018

Another year older, and many more years Loving You!

"Not everything in this life is easy, but surely nothing is impossible... Being strong is not having strength as a lion, but the patience and humility of a bird that even in the cage does not stop singing and does not even lose hope of flying"

and “The Magic of Christmas is not in the presents, but in HIS Presence"

and it goes on...

I may not have excellent health, but the light at the recovery road is green...

I have food on the table, clothes to wear, a voluptuous cat, the love of my family...the wind beneath my wings and most of all the gift of faith in GOD that life’s seasons always changes for the better.

...but as some folks might yawn or even snooze upon hearing these from me, let me just then share my’s Wishlist items for this year’s family exchange gift tradition.

…and lastly for my “c” to never ever come back and for my dental nerve injury to fully resolve, so that I may eat well to gain back precious pounds, and to be able to continue to laugh at my life’s challenges even on some days when I couldn’t smile.


Featured related post: THANKSGIVING 2018: THANKFUL yesterday, today and until my last heartbeat…

THANKSGIVING 2018: THANKFUL yesterday, today and until my last heartbeat...

Thanksgiving is upon us. 

Amid the trials and challenges I go through in my life, happy or sad moments, I am blessed and eternally thankful for having the full Armor of GOD to battle and win them all still with a smile.  In good times or bad times, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of life itself. 

I am so thankful for each day of my life, waking, breathing and dancing to the sweet melody of my heartbeats. 

Thankful for being a part of the American cancer Society’s Making Strides against breast cancer this year, and being out and about on a Monday night around town courtesy of Comprehensive cancer Centers of Nevada.

Thankful for each and every day I have in my life together with my loved ones.  Thankful for loving deeply and being loved in return!

Thankful for my family, friends, doctors, nurses and kindred spirit beautiful strangers I’ve crossed path with…

As always, I am...

Thankful for the gifts of a passing day, and Hopeful for the blessing of a new dawn.

Most of all, I am so THANKFUL for being blessed with GOD’s Merciful Love yesterday, today and until my last heartbeat…

Thanksgiving Celebration at Hollywood Ranch

…although I am not feeling well Thanksgiving Day, that didn’t stop me from having a wonderful celebration with good company, good food (for them) and most of all lots of wet dog kisses that surely perked me up! 🤗🦃🐶💋