Beautiful Stranger

Let me tell you about a BEAUTIFUL STRANGER

Let me tell you about a Beautiful Stranger...

It's been a while now since I've seen him inside the church but his face still lingers in my mind. Back then, I see him once a week.  Sometimes, twice.  Sometimes, never.  

Most of the time he was seated in front of me.  Other times, pews apart. Once, he was besides me. He said nothing.  I said nothing.  But he can tell.  I know.  He can tell that to me he is beautiful.  He can tell by the way he glances back at me every time his eyes meet mine, and I glance shy away from him.

I reach for you and found my heart…

I reach for you and found my heart…

There's this someone, a Beautiful Stranger.  He's one that my heart would really love to know. ❤

Thank You MEHry MEHry much, GOAT RESCUERS

I’ve been rescuing cats back in California but never a goat or any other animals, yet…so thank you MEHry MEHry much to y’all beautiful stranger rescuers of this goat!

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American cancer Society: MAKING STRIDES against breast cancer 2018, Las Vegas

Thank you to all the Kindred Spirit folks and Beautiful Strangers at the American cancer Society: MAKING STRIDES against breast cancer Las Vegas event at the Red Rock Hotel, Casino, Resort and Spa - October 28, 2018

GOD willing…see you all again next year and the year after that and the year after, after that and so on…

Oldies but Goodies: NAAALALA KA by MARK CARPIO

My weekly Iron Infusion sessions are completely done and the side effects seem to be dissipating as well.  I’m not feeling that much headachy and nauseous anymore.

Next on my buffet of medical appointments is my eye Iridotomy and I’m trying to prep myself and relax by sound tripping to YouTube videos when I stumbled upon a song that I remember singing along with my eldest brother during my childhood days.  The song title is “Naaalala ka” by Rey Valera...but the singer on this video is named Mark Carpio.

I clicked play and found myself replaying the video over and over again.  Mark's rendition of the song is so soothing and wonderful.  I am now a fan. ;)