Hope and Love

Philippians 4:13 - and the Reason is YOU...

When I got diagnosed with an invasive breast cancer, I did not know if it was His will to heal me or if my borrowed time here on earth is nearing its due date. I sought God and His will.

Keeping the Faith through all the bleak times and uncertain seasons in my life, I live day to day and pray without ceasing for His continued merciful love and light in my life.


“Faith believes when there is no reason to hope. Faith isn’t seeing; faith is believing. It never stops hoping. It never gives up. Faith is obeying God even when there are no results and believing the results are happening somewhere (maybe even just inside me, reminding me to turn to God as the ultimate source of provision for everything I need).”

And then it happened...an answered prayer, a testimony to my test, the reason for my scars, a new and continued chapter of my life...

I will be back in the workforce again on Monday at a medical imaging facility...and of all the many departments I could get assigned to, I got hired at the Mammography Department whereby I could totally relate and empathize with the patients.

GOD truly works in mysterious ways and I thank Him for this providence to continue in my life’s journey, wear my scars with a smile and serve through Him.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” ~ Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” ~ Philippians 4:13

Another YEAR Worth the PRAISES that SHINES through tears

Two years ago exactly today, I was praying for my life...now, I want to pause to thank You po, LORD for continuing to grace me with this life and for all the things that You are doing in my life, hopes and dreams , big and small. You are always providing, and making ways for me in capacities unexpected.

It’s amazing what prayer can do. It comforts you, makes you feel whole inside, gives you hope and strength to face many tomorrows.

I hide myself in HIS magnificence and HIS wisdom; but when I ponder HIS goodness, my heart can say nothing - I can only adore!


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“No I won’t go quietly into...”my pursuit of a Bella HEALTHY Life!

As I always say, “Life is a beautiful struggle”…listen to this…


You can take the roof from over my head…But you can't take my freedom away…No, I won't go quietly into the night…And I'll sing 'til the light of day…

…this lyrics snippet is from “Yellow Rose” — a film set in Texas about the struggles of an undocumented Filipina single mother and her teenage daughter. 

The film seems to be wonderfully made with all of it’s awards and recognition...and though I can’t relate on the film’s plot, and I am not one to delve into the sensitive area of Politics and immigration debate, so this post is just about how the song lyrics strike a chord in my heart the first time I heard it when the trailer was shown at T.F.C. (The Filipino Channel)

Being a breast cancer survivor and many of life’s frailties, I somewhat felt my freedom was being taken away when I got diagnosed. Through all the dark times in my life and even with wobbling knees, “no I won’t go quietly” into pursuing living a good healthy life and “I’ll sing ‘til the light of day”...with every melodic beat of my heart. ❤️


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