Another YEAR Worth the PRAISES that SHINES through tears

Two years ago exactly today, I was praying for my, I want to pause to thank You po, LORD for continuing to grace me with this life and for all the things that You are doing in my life, hopes and dreams , big and small. You are always providing, and making ways for me in capacities unexpected.

It’s amazing what prayer can do. It comforts you, makes you feel whole inside, gives you hope and strength to face many tomorrows.

I hide myself in HIS magnificence and HIS wisdom; but when I ponder HIS goodness, my heart can say nothing - I can only adore!


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Faithfully Yours: Seasons change but GOD’s LOVE Remains...

Right here, right now is where GOD is calling you to find joy. Right here, right now, in the midst of the journey...

Now, just months shy away from when my breast cancer journey begun two years ago, and also almost a year now after my life-changing dental paresthesia that still lingers, today also marks a year after my failed left eye surgery for which I had a corrective surgery done just 2 weeks ago.

Through all these life challenges, with knees wobbling and heart sobbing, one thing that kept me going then, now and GOD’S Grace and though my life’s seasons keep on changing, HIS Merciful Love Remains...and for this, I am and will always be eternally grateful.


LORD help me live from day to day, In such a humble sort of way, To give a smile, help lift a load, For those I meet along life's road, And when I come to my journey's end, My life I have not lived in vain, If one dear soul can smile and say, "I'm glad I met her on life's way.


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